I know Ive been slacking on my 365, so close too! Just need to buckle down and finish that project. Sooooo many different projects going on. The Canon T2i Crash Course DVD is nearly completed, Ive been working non-stop on it since I got it last Tuesday. I expect to get a green light from the disk manufacturers next week, after which they will go on sale immediately.

One thing I cannot recommend higher, as a Maven, is to find some quiet time once a week to yourself to get away from all the noise, clutter, TVs, computers and just go spend some time thinking with a pad of paper and pen. I typically review my goals and plans for the next week, read, or design new products. Nearly all of the ideas I implement into my business come from these brainstorming sessions. When you have problems you are struggling with, open your mind to the universe and just listen, you will naturally have some wonderful insights and ideas come.

I would also say that if you are starting a new photography business, this is the most important thing you can do to organize and get a plan of action together. There is something about goals that they really do not matter until you write them down. Image was taken on a Canon 5Dii, 1/3 Second, f22, ISO 50 with a Circular Polarizer