This was taken last Wednesday right after my interview. There was about a 15 second window to get this, but having done so many of these 365’s that was all I needed. Threw the camera on Susan’s desk, and went for it. (If I am not mistaken I used her cell phone to prop the lens up too! 🙂 – )

That’s another benefit of the 365, it forces you to think about taking pictures in places you never would have thought of, just for the sake of variety!
My energy continues to return and I am not feeling nearly as sick and nauseous as when I first returned. I have occasional bouts, but otherwise I am starting the get into the groove of things again. Ill be on the anti-malaria medicine for another 3 weeks or so. Lots on the drawing board, the next DVD (advanced photography techniques) which is already about halfway finished shooting wise and we have 3 new iPhone Apps in the pipeline….busy busy busy! I also have more Haiti stories coming as well. 🙂