Did a shoot today for the new mystery product, and well….since its not quite finished yet, I had to alter this picture. A huge clue of what it is and does was sitting on the concrete ledge here about 10 seconds before this image was taken. Ill replace it with the actual packaging shot when its done. I’ve shown the functional version to several of my close friends here in Az. For some reason, everyone I show asks me the same exact question, and while I would love to tell you what this question is…I can’t! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill just say I take it as a complement and my answer is always: “Yes of course” and then I smile. “Wow” and “That’s freaking awesome!” are also common remarks when watching this in action.

There have been only a very small handful of photorgaphers who have seen it, and they all agreed they would buy it without hesitation. Most of you have probably worried about the problem it solves and once you have it you won’t. Makes things much easier. Prepare to be impressed! (And I don’t like to raise expectation levels either!) ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d say if everything goes smoothly, we will see it available for sale in 8-12 days. I’m crossing my fingers we wont find anything else. Its been a good 3 months in the making, thought it would come together much quicker than it did, but this is part of learning to do something new. We’ve spent more time testing it than anything else because it has to work right.

There is a very specific reason I am not talking about it and have asked the testers not to talk about it, it will all make sense when its finished.

Its coming…