Thought it would be fun to show you the resulting overlay from my initial sketch a few days ago. The 7D Focusing Systems lesson was an absolute nightmare to make. Very happy with final result.

You know that’s the thing with the videos…Ive never made a perfect DVD. I continue to learn each time and get a little better at it, but I typically feel really good about the final products- even if they take so much longer than expected to make. I really hope I can continue this as long as I am making them, quality is extremely important to me and I never want to sacrifice on quality.

Lavell always said “Do your very best and good things will happen.”
P90X Says “Do your best and forget the rest”

Ive hired a company which specializes in online stores to re-vamp and re-load the store. There will be some very nice features coming there shortly, expect it to run smoother and faster within a few days.

I also spent a good 2 hours tonight carefully inspecting every square millimeter of the latest prototype of my TOP SECRET new product. Ive learned the hard way, I cannot get too excited or have high expectations for this. Sometimes I just feel like I’m swinging a baseball bat blindfolded. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you don’t and 3/10 is a good batting average. I only had a 2-3 requested changes so I know we are getting very close.

When I was checking it out tonight, I was found myself thinking “This is much better than I had initially planned…. just dont get your hopes up until you hear from the final users.” I don’t think I have been so excited about anything since I released the Canon 40D DVD, my first training video. I know the suspense is probably killing some of you…please dont die on me- I need you guys to test this thing out!