What a great day. Cranked out 4 lessons for the Lighting Crash Course, and scripted another 3. Whenever we get near the end of a project, everything starts really meshing together. Its a huge relief. We are shooting 2 more tomorrow, and after that, I think we just have a few clean-up lessons. (Reshoots mostly). I try to fit as much as I possibly can onto these DVDs, but there comes a point when I have to say, “Alright, we have more than plenty on here.” Deep down I know I will secretly want to add a few more, which will probably happen.

A couple months ago, when I looked at the spreadsheet I have for all the lessons, it was just a MESS. There were so many things I wanted to do, it was just chaotic. To the point of stress. The really hard part of it, is coming up with ways to teach very complex ideas in a very simple way. It has to be so clear that 99% of everyone who watches it simply wont be able to misunderstand it. Thats the hard part and unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of time to script, rescript, shoot, reshoot etc. to get it right. I have always been satisfied with my videos in terms of the quality of teaching content. I wouldn’t release it unless I felt it was really, really good. There are other places we need to improve, such as HD delivery, titles, and marketing.

Sometimes if you dont know where to start, you just have to start and then the ideas come- if that makes any sense.

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For you contest winners, be on the lookout for an email from me coming in the next couple days. I’ve been really impressed with the camera on the iPhone 4s. It really is significantly better than the 4. Look at the meta data on the specs: f2.4, ISO 64? Especially the 2.4 part.