Time to start playing catch up, I have about 40 days left for this project, and I am 67 behind, which means I need to start taking multiples per day to catch up. I would like to end on 365 come December 31st. All in all I feel pretty good about sticking with it for the whole year. Im probably going to go back and find a few images I originally decided not to post for whatever reason.

Check this out, I orginally wasnt going to post this, but Day 298 and 297 were taken with about 1 minute of each other. I just made an exposure change, and recomposed…but yes…what you are seeing is how dramatic a change (night and day difference) in exposure can have on an image. Im even standing on the same Hay Bales in the same place.

And BTW- I know it’s cold in many places all over the US, its still pretty warm here in Az. 🙂