Something Ive noticed about the 365s…most of the time, when I “see” a picture in my mind before I take it (like Day 288 in the store)- it usually comes out the way I imagined it, and it takes a lot less time to do. I think of all the shots Ive taken, most of the best ones happened this way.

One the other hand, when I try to take a picture “Serendipitously”, without any plan or direction, just trying to be random or trying something new, Im only happy with them about half the time and it takes a lot longer to find something I like. Typically what happens is I start shooting, and get an idea, and then head in that direction. Sometimes it’s necessary to do it that way and I can also say, I have learned a ton of cool tricks being random and trying new things as well.

I have about 70 shots left on this thing…it has been truly challenging in the best way. Ive learned so many lessons from it, but one of the most important ones is to practice “pre-visualizing” the shot, long before I even get the camera out of the bag.