This is one exposure- no photoshop trickery (though I did run it through Paintballer).

I know I have been quiet and I have been working like mad. I want to say how much I appreciate my small group of fans and supporters, it means so much to me.

Most of the winners from the photography contest have received or redeemed their prizes. If you are one of the few who haven’t, please shoot me an email for a good time to talk on the phone. (This was the prize for places 3-5).


The Canon Rebel T1i DVD is completed and should be available for pre-order in about a week. Shooting for the Canon 7D Crash Course DVD is about 90% completed, we just have 2 new lessons and then into post-production. I estimate it will wrap up and go to DVD production in about 2 weeks, look for pre-orders to be available in about 2-3.

My editor Adam has also been working on “Michael’s Advanced Photography Techniques” DVD- Its a combination of cool techniques and photography tips I taught at workshops, and about 12-15 mini lessons from Landmarks all over the US. Should be a fun finished product, look for a late December – Early Jan Release.

In addition to these, I have some VERY exciting stuff coming- I’m busting at the seams to talk about the first, but it’ll have to wait for now. I have a new product being developed, like nothing I have ever made (its not a DVD or action/preset, but you can expect a new line of products coming from me shortly. This first one is pretty boring and spectacularly useful. Ive designed it in hopes with will dramatically change the way you shoot and help you be more efficient. If you are a photographer (any kind) you are going to want this. I wont say more. Alpha Testing finally starts Thursday or Friday, it should be available for purchase in about a month. Its release to the public will be announced first from the Newsletter (you can sign up with by clicking here), which I realize I haven’t sent for a while (Ive only sent out 2 so far- Im very careful about sending these out and will only do so when something big is going on, this will be one).

More to come….