Ive been quietly working my tail off. I working full 12-14 hour days, only taking time to eat, sleep and workout.

I should be finishing the T1i DVD either tomorrow or Friday, send it off to Adam my editor who will finish the DVD prep.
The Canon 7D DVD is already about 2/3’s done shooting, and I believe I will finish shooting it a week from Friday, then it will go to editing. We should be shipping both of these by mid-November. I’m looking forward to shooting the new focusing systems for the 7D, as it will have to be completely re-done. Both DVDs will have an additional ~30 minutes of NEW “shooting videos” lessons- not nearly enough to teach videography, but definitely enough to get started, and therefore, both DVDs are going to be as full as space allows, ~4 hours.

As much as I am working, some days I feel like I didn’t do enough and wish I could do more. I have so much I want to do, just cant do them fast enough….Im learning to be patient. 🙂