Jessica Claire Workshop in Ladera Ranch, Ca. It was a great day of learning. Still sorting my thoughts out on this, will post more when I get back to Mesa, Az. I know many of you are waiting for slideshows from my workshops, they are coming. 🙂 Jessica is extremely good at shooting into back light, which is the opposite way of my usual thinking, which is to identify and use the best light possible. Its like learning to ride your bike one way, and then someone else comes along and shows you a different way to ride. This was probably the biggest thing I go from the workshop today…learning to think differently, even it isnt my typical style. This is why I LOVE workshops, you think you might know a thing or two, and then someone, like Jessica, gives you something to think about. It expands your skills and opens options to changing creatively.

These 2 shots were my favorites trying the new things I learned today. I also ran them through Paintballer Pro to give them more of a Michael Andrew look. Something to experiment and play with more.
I also got to play the brides father….It was such a touching moment to give her away! I almost cried 🙂Me and Jessica- Shes really super pocketsized. Once again…look at the size of my melonhead!At the end of the night Becker showed up. If you don’t know who he is, he is extremely good at what he does. Probably one of the Top 3 photographers who has influenced me, it was a real pleasure to finally meet him.

What a great day! More to come!