The last week has been great, its so amazing to have some free time to sit down and write, to workout as much as I like to and start planning the next shoots which will start this week. Will be wrapping up the T1i DVD, hopefully before the Canon 7D is released. I may even get to bed before 11:30pm tonight! wow!

This whole maven/mentor continues to change me in a good way. I know Ive mentioned this before, its like walking down a path in nearly pure darkness, only being able to see a few inches in front of me- but when I take those steps forward, I can see a little further ahead and get the direction I need. If I didnt take those steps, I wouldn’t know where I am supposed to go and would probably just be standing in darkness wasting time. The further I move forward with the training videos, the school and workshops, Im learning more and more what I need to become.

Some things Ive learned recently (from the trip especially)-

– I’m a better instructor than I am a photographer.
– My time is best spent creating (scripting and shooting) videos. Not editing, not post-production, not shipping, not handling customer service. Making videos. Period.
– I am most helpful to beginning to advanced photographers. “Experts” seem to get bored with me, and that’s ok.
– Ive learned that most beginners to advanced photographers struggle with confidence. “How much to charge? When will I be good enough?” Ive heard those 2 questions at least 1000 times each.
– If my students are struggling with confidence, I must learn to be better at encouraging. Not only instruct, I must encourage, and nurture and find ways to build confidence. This specific aspect is something new for me and I am embracing this idea more and more.
– Time is now my most valuable resource. I feel like I am rushing to do everything I need and I wont live long enough to reach all my goals.
– Im learning that I need to get better about rejecting opportunity. This is something Im not good at, but getting better.
– Im learning I am more and more capable than I think I am.
– I am learning that if you have a good idea and are willing to work and sacrifice for it, important people will come forward and support you.
– I am learning that happiness cannot come from “getting” something and I am most happy when I am focusing on “giving”. Cliche’ but very true.
– I am learning the importance of “minimalism” (consciously avoiding the accumulation of “things”)
– I am learning I feel happy when I get rid of things I don’t use anymore.

Anyway, the reason I am writing all this is because of this picture. It was taken very spontaneously. I was walking back to my car after having an unexpected meeting a very good friend here in Phoenix. I wont go into details, but I was upset. My friend is an important person to me and needed support, not a lecture. When the moment of truth came, I was able to offer her the support she needed instead of being negative and I know she appreciated it too. Im still searching for a tactful way to talk to her about what happened, not sure I will ever be able to. I know thats cryptic, but for now I cant really say more. Sometimes its better just to take the hit. I wanted to say something- but I realized…its not my job to be negative, its my job to encourage, support, nurture, and be a friend when someone needs it. This is more important than whatever it is I’m upset about….Not an easy pill to swallow….

Anyway, on my way back to the car, I just saw this light and instantly thought- “look at that circle on the ground…perfect for a 365!” 🙂 I hung my camera on a sign like I did at the airport- took one shot and you know what? It made me feel better almost instantly! I really am a simple person. 🙂