I know it hasnt entirely hit yet, but I am feeling a deep sense of gratitude to everyone who contributed to helping me to complete this trip. I would have to say, most of the credit has to go to the hosts who stepped up and volunteered. I was talking with my good friend Mike Madsen about this tonight, I really dont think any of it would have been possible without the hosts. Every single one of you was absolutely phenomenal and I couldnt have asked for anything more in terms of planning. I was so impressed that you were willing and able to do this and make it happen, even though we had never met.

I am equally thankful and grateful to everyone who could make it to the workshops. Your interest and enthusiasm, as well as meeting you in person, and watching you learn, grow, and get excited the way you did has proven to me that what I am doing with my life is important and valuable. Its extremely rewarding for me to know that I am helping others and making a difference.

There were also several people who helped with various logistics. Mike and Adam both drove up from Alabama to shoot the 3 days at Nashville, Leah stepped up big time for the mock bridal shoot.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me, even if you weren’t able to attend a workshop. We had an amazing turn out on the contest, ~250 images, an amazing amount of support on the blog, forum and facebook. I received many emails from many people just wishing me well and success on the trip- you will never understand how all these little pieces of encouragement kept me going and you all mean so much to me.

I think the absolute best part of the trip was meeting and working with everyone face to face. I feel like I have 80+ new friends. 🙂

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you is extremely powerful and I am more aware of this than I ever have been. Do not underestimate it for yourself as well. Find those who believe in you and in return, believe in them. Everyone will win this way.

4 months, 23 Workshop days, 80+ attendees, 22,000 Miles by car alone, 1 DVD Finished, portions of 5 more DVDs were shot on the trip and are in the works. I also have a mess (about 25) of shorter videos I havent even gotten around to editing yet – shot at different landmarks all over the country.

A day of rest and then back to Vegas and on to Mesa!

For tonight’s 365, I wanted to try to convey what I am feeling, even though it hasn’t entirely hit:I know many of you are wondering what the deal is with the photography contest. We have the 10 finalists for each category and will be opening a vote for the number one prize shortly. More to come…Ill try to post wall shots of all the photos tomorrow and explain how the judging went and why it did things the way we did. Crashing for now. 🙂