When it comes to still photography flash lighting, Speedlites are the way to go.

However… Ive been really needing a solution for some soft fill light when shooting video. If you never shoot video, this probably isnt going to interest you. If you find yourself with a 5DII and are looking to get into more video type shooting. This may interest you. A Micro Lite Panel runs on 4 AA batteries, its LED lights, so they are pretty bright and they even have an adjustable dimmer switch to control power. The shoe adapter is a little flimsy, otherwise I am excited about this.

You can see on the Canon Speedlight DVD that there are times that I dont have quite enough light on my face. I had been using bounce cards, which help…but when Im shooting alone, I need something quick, bright and easy to use. I know a lot of videographers who Micro Light Panels on their video cameras- so I thought I would test this out on the Canon 5DII for video. Ill let you guys know what I think after Ive played with it for a few weeks. 🙂

Just think, its almost 1:30am….I need to get some sleep! :p