Last day off before things get crazy. Ive been so tired that I have spent the bulk of the weekend sleeping, with the exception of a few hours to eat and take a few shots (I know that probably sounds super lazy, but dang I needed it) . Tomorrow is the Vegas Workshop, Wednesday I fly out to Nashville, and then the Nashville Workshop is Thursday-Saturday. Looks like the mock wedding shoot is going to happen, its just a matter of a few last minute details, but it will probably be on Thursday evening from 6-9pm.

I took this picture about a half hour ago, literally while on the phone with Adam (my video editor/camera guy). Ive always wondered what the deal was with all these guys walking around with notepads at hotels/resorts, talking obnoxiously in their cell phones about business stuff, and I now realize I am one of them.

It seems the more video production work I do, the more and more planning there is. I go through notepads like crazy, lists, things to do, lesson plans, diagrams, caluclations, etc. It used to be the shooting was the hard/stressful part, now, I spent the majority of my production time on planning and organizing resources in pre and post shooting. The shooting feels so less intense now, almost like a formality. I still enjoy shooting- its just interesting to me to see how my production work flow has shifted over the last 2 years.