Made it to Vegas today (about 6 or 7 hours from Fresno). Ill have 2 complete days off before the home stretch, so I am going to take it as easy as possible until Tuesday. Im not going to lie, I am really, really tired. I felt better after working out and am wondering if my fatigue has something to do with the fact I am only working out twice a week instead of the usual 4-5 times. Hard to believe the workshops will be wrapping up a week from today.

Tonight I had an idea, if you can paint with light in a dark situation, shouldn’t you be able to paint with dark in a bright one? This was my first attempt at “Painting with Dark” (using both my body and shadows on a bright wall to create a series of progressive dark spots). This is something I need to play around with more.

f22, 13″ ISO 50