Thank you to Julie (host), Kim and Rory for such a WONDERFUL workshop yesterday. It was so awesome to finally meet all of you and spend the day learning together. I had a great time and the day just flew by. Great questions and input from everyone. Ill never get over how fast the workshops go. I especially appreciate being able to finally meet so many of the people who Ive met in the forum or on the blog- it means a lot to me.

I’m learning more and more about putting workshops on with each one. For my particular teaching style I believe the optimal number is between 3-5 attendees. Its extremely important for me to work with everyone and to watch them as they are taking pictures and help them with any problems they may be struggling with. When I can spend even just 20 minutes with everyone individually throughout the day, I feel do a better job in helping them, looking for small subtle mistakes they may be making, or offering suggestions when they run into a problem.

Another thing I realize is that my familiarity with Canon cameras has been a good reference tool for canon attendees (settings and menu items). (Im still learning Nikon and Ill get it down soon :).)

Once you get to 6 attendees or more, its pretty much impossible to work one-on-one for any significant time during a one day workshop. I know there are tons of workshops out there that have 20+ attendees, and while I am sure they are helpful, I just dont see how one-on-one time is possible. I find myself wondering how I could be as effective in larger groups.

Only a few workshops left:

– Fresno, Ca – Aug 20th
– Las Vegas, Aug 25
– Nashville, Tn (3 day) Aug 27-29 (We will be shooting major portions of the Wedding Photography Crash Course there)
– Mesa, Az Sept 8th

Its amazing that this wild tour is starting to wind down. Hard to believe that it started it back in Mid-May when I went to London. It will be nice to take a few days off in September then tie up several loose ends before I focus on finishing my next projects (Wedding and Lighting Crash Course DVDs- aiming for December 2009 Release on the Wedding Crash Course). T1i DVD is coming soon, and Im also considering a Workflow Crash Course DVD.

I will admit, I am fighting fatigue- the days after the workshops are the toughest, I feel just completely drained. I say this because I want to make a positive point. Focused, hard work should make you tired…and that’s a good thing! I have no problem falling asleep at night now. 🙂 While the trip has been tough, I am living my dream life and doing exactly what I want to with my time and career. It has required a tremendous amount of work and risk, and in the end it has been completely worth it. I have so many things planned that sometimes I wonder if I will be able to accomplish them all in my life time. I am going to continue to move forward. Im also very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to let me know how Ive helped them or to encourage me- these emails make my day.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement- I sincerely appreciate it.