Had such an awesome workshop today…went almost an hour over (yes about 13 hours- which now sounds simply ridiculous). I am always so amazed by how fast the day goes, it really feels like an hour or two. Its so much fun for me to watch everyone’s excitement when they learn a new technique or skill, or to know I have helped in a little way such as helping to get tack sharp images, or how to compose better. Its incredibly rewarding. I will say, come the end of the day, I am completely wiped out and sleep like a baby the next 2 nights. A huge thank you to Rebecca, Adrian, Audrey and Brian for making the time in the schedule to come. It was a perfect workshop- I greatly appreciated meeting you, slideshow to come very shortly.

I have somewhat of a tricky schedule now…this is probably has me the most worried. Ill have to take off in the morning tomorrow, drive 8 hours to Kansas City (do all the little things I always need to do) crash, and then wake up on Wednesday and do it again (about 8 hours to Shakopee, Minnesota) and then I have an all day workshop on Thursday…so to say this least it will be interesting and I have a TON of driving a head of me. Canon 5DII, Sigma 50mm 2.8 Macro, 2.8, 1/20, ISO 800.

This was straight out of the camera, a little tricky to set up in terms of thinking how to get the camera to stay lined up on the peephole and then go outside and take the picture (because if you are closing the door behind you….how does the camera stay lined up on the peep hole if you cant use a tripod or arent using any help? How do you do this without putting your camera at risk?