Had an awesome workshop yesterday in Port Huron, Michigan, as I mentioned the attendees came across the border to me. How awesome is that? As always, its amazing to me how fast the workshops go, and at the same time we cover such a tremendous amount of information. I know from my perspective, at the end of each workshop day I am just ready to crash, and I know that its a ton of information for the attendees. I will say that over the course of the trip, the workshops are slowly evolving and getting more efficient. Im finding that by teaching things a different way, we are able to cover more ground.

The input from each group has also been very valuable- the Akron workshop seemed to appreciate the one-on-one time where I watch them take an image and correct them after each shot- its a very quick way to see improvement, so this is something we spent more time on yesterday. With the larger groups this is more difficult, with 3-5 attendees, very doable.

A HUGE thank you to Heather, Wendy and Brian for coming over the border yesterday, I know it wasnt the easiest thing in the world to do. Please know I had a great time meeting with you and working with you yesterday and am very excited to see how your business evolves. I am excited for the images for our slideshow and will post it as soon as I can- probably Tuesday or Wednesday of next week when I have my computer back. 🙂