I decided to sleep in a little yesterday, THEN I went to Times Square and shot the video. It was actually quite fun and I felt at home. A couple stopped to watch me and I filmed in front of an audience of 2. I think shot a second video answering his question about lenses. Not having the Mac Book Pro is really forcing me to think differently, because I MISS IT!! lol

Hopped in the car, drove 7 hours to Niagra Falls, which was pretty amazing. Spent about 40 minutes there, shot another less video on the overlook (american side), jumped back in my car and drove 3.5 hours to Akron Ohio where I am currently in my hotel room trying to take it easy today before my workshop tomorrow. Ill have another this week in Canada. Busy, busy, busy….Ill get my lap top back next Tuesday and will try to post like a dozen videos as I complete them.

This image was taken right before I left Niagra Falls, Canon 5DII, Shutter Speed was 1/20 or 1/15, ISO was 3200. It was pretty much dark when taken, no flash, handheld, so I was happy with it.