A very long and awesome day. I did so many things that it seemed like it was a week. 2nd bus tour, Canal Street, Staten Island Ferry, Artichoke Pizza Experience (yum), Top of the Rock night shoot, Grand Central Slow Speed Shooting- This was probably my fav. Ive always wanted to visit Grand Central, and wow, what an awesome sight. Reminded me of Kings Cross in London, only Americanized. So many people coming and going.

I didnt have my tripod so I had to be creative. This was my fav, I corrected some of the color, but other wise this is straight out of the camera, no photoshopping. Shutter Speed was 1.6 seconds, so I had to stand as STILL as I possibly could and let everyone around me create some motion blur. This is very tricky to do in camera (unlike Rob’s picture from a few days ago which had some photoshop). I was very happy with this result.

I am getting a little concerned about doing too much and may have to adjust my driving schedule to try to catch up on some rest. My mind contines to be running at a 1000 mph, but my body is starting to complain. I think I have this problem of being really, really driven to do as much as I can and 6 weeks into it, I need to take a little time out. I have workshops on Tuesday and Thursday so I need to stay fresh.

Maybe I will sleep in tomorrow instead of shooting a video on times square? hmmmm