Physical copies of my book “3 Weeks in Haiti” are in. They can be ordered here: 3 Weeks in Haiti Paperback

I am often asked how sales are. Well…sales are terrible. In 3 months I have sold 24 copies (e-versions), and I know at least 20 of those people. lol

I am not dismayed however, because everyone who has gotten back to me on it has said they LOVED it. It is a solid, enjoyable, rewarding read and I believe that anyone who reads it will be a better person when they are done. That is a fine accomplishment. I even enjoy popping it open now and then to read a chapter. So many good memories and life lessons here.

The marketing of the book lays squarely on my shoulders and if sales are bad, its my own fault. Considering a few creative ways to get the ball rolling.