Im heading down to Manhattan now but I wanted to get this posted before I left. I have a less scary version coming, but this was the final image I took before I left. It is somewhat of a creepy picture, so Ive password protected it to prevent easily scared readers from having nightmares. Now typically I dont like taking pictures that freak people out- however, artistically I wanted to do something a little different, convey fright, personify the house a little and express some of my childhood “concerns” when looking at it. I think I succeeded. Im serious…if you have nightmares, like I did as a child from this house, dont look at this…its extra spooky!

Chances are that I wont be able to use this for anything other than posting here, so I may need to replace it.

Password is “scary”
This was one exposure: Canon 5DII, f 18, 15″ ISO 1000- I was on pretty much the only place you could stand without actually entering their property. Obviously it was on a tripod, and during the long exposure, I used my speedlite to “paint with light” on my face, and then stepped aside to get some of the leaves behind me and present this ghost type look. I was trying to give a “face” to the house’. The only editing I did was adjusted some contast and removed some of the colors from my face.