If I am not mistaken, I believe we have finished the Speedlite DVD as of this evening (at least the shooting and editing parts of it). There are a few days worth of work left in terms of the menu systems, but yes, the end is in sight. This image was taken from a video you will find in the bonus section (there are several little goodies throughout the DVD).

As we were watching it today, Adam and I agreed, there is a tremendous amount of information on this DVD, not just about flash systems, but photography and lighting in general. If you fall anywhere between extreme beginner to near expert with flash, this DVD is for you. The more I watch it, the more and more confident I get that this is the best flash training you can get, ANYWHERE. Like the Photoshop DVD, it focuses on the core principles of flash photography and teaches you how to put them together rather than just giving you random settings.

We will be using the next few days to check for errors in the menu’s and links, as well as pack everything we can into the bonus and DVD-ROM sections. I expect we will be sending the final draft to our disk manufacturer on Wednesday or Thursday, at which point I will be getting in my car and start my drive to Philadelphia for the workshop. We have just a few slots left, should be a great workshop. 🙂

I am holding off on the pre-orders as long as possible, but once we get the green light from the disk company, it means we are within 14 days of delivery- if we do have pre-orders, I will post them for sale at that time. Lets keep our fingers crossed that there wont be any issues. 🙂