What an awesome AWESOME day today with Alex, Luis, Tony, Cari and Mark in Miami. The workshops have been going better than I could have ever anticipated, and although each has been spectacular, I think they are getting a little better each time. Something I learned today is that each group is going to have different skill levels and interests and I have to pay close attention to each group and focus on what will help them most. In terms of pure photography, I saw an incredible amount of improvement in just a few hours of instruction, and I have to saw this was incredibly rewarding to me as an instructor. Its awesome to teach a few principles and watch as students apply them, see a change and realize they have just gotten better. I am also learning to be more and more hands off after I teach a principle, teach them how to do it, and then let them try seems to be giving the best results. I hope to have a slideshow up soon. I had a great time with you guys today- keep practicing what we talked about and please let me know how you are doing. An especially big thank you to Alex who proposed the idea initially- so glad you did!

5 days of workshopping in just over a week, all other days I have either been driving or working on the 580 DVD (which we have a functional rough draft of now….just ironing it out). Im tired, but am adjusting better. Still working out 3 times a week, which has helped.

I dunno….maybe its time for Orlando tomorrow….maybe Disney World?