Last night when we were rendering out the dvd, I had a few hours to drive up to Tuscaloosa (about an hour and a half away). I dont have a lot of belongings, but of what I do have its in storage. I swung by to grab some supplies (like the SKYCAM) and some other goodies. I was amazed by how much more stuff I need to sell or throw away. I hadnt used any of it in over a year and its just sitting there gathering dust.

I was talking with my good friend Whitney and I realized that since the day of my Europe trip I have been going non-stop, havent taken a single day off yet, but I will take Monday and Tuesday of next week off before driving up to North Carolina. As exhausting as it is, Ive noticed something….I am starting to get used to it and it is getting easier and easier to deal with. As far as the 580 DVD goes, spending the weekend here in Selma was absolutely worth it. As I am packing up this morning, we think that we are finished and just ironing out some wrinkles here and there. My editor Adam will be Fed Exing a few copies to me in Tampa and I hope to have the first screening there with the attendees. Tomorrow’s workshop starts at 9am, its about 9-10 hours away, and I would really like to get there tonight sometime.

Wish me luck!