Wow- What an AMAZING day today. A HUGE thank you to Andrea, April, Casey and Melissa for coming to today’s workshop in Montgomery, Alabama. I still cannot get over how fast the day goes, we were together for a full 12 hours (I know this sounds insane) – and once again, we ran out of time (meaning I still had more to teach). It seemed that the Speedlite Lessons and Tips were a big hit today, I could see an immediate difference in everyones images. Melissa did an amazing job as host, super well organized, perfect locations, great snacks, food, logistics and communications. By the end of the day we were just 5 kids playing with our cameras. Im working on a little slideshow of the day, but to be honest, I am so incredibly exhausted I am going to crash.

In some ways this traveling schedule feels like it is slowly beating me up and in other ways I feel like I am slowly adjusting to it and getting used to it.

Tomorrow and this weekend I will be aiming all of my energy and attention to the Speedlite DVD which has just a few lessons left to be completed. I know many of you are patiently waiting for it, just please know I am working on it as fast as I can, and it will only be completed when I believe it couldnt be made any better. 🙂