Had an awesome workshop yesterday with Alexandra. Many of you will remember her shooting the Borland wedding last year. Its amazing to me how fast time flies at the workshops, you sit down to start and the next thing you know its over. The first part of the workshop we went over my new “Business Crash Course” workbook. I haven’t talked much about it as it is really for workshop attendees, but its all about giving photographers specific skill sets to be successful business people. I think what happens is many new photographers want to get into the business of photography, they have excellent photography skills and then are surprised to learn there is much more to it. The Business Crash Course will be part of the Wedding Photography Crash Course DVD, as well as a separate DVD in the future, but this is a ways off.

I think my favorite part of the workshops is when we go out and start shooting. Alexandra was struggling a little with her focusing and recomposing techniques- and just watching her I was able to see what was happening, show her a few tips and then let her try. She took the inset image- which I thought was really outstanding. Probably the most rewarding thing for me as an instructor is to see my students get better and better.

Thank you Alex for such an awesome day yesterday! You are going to do great with your new business! Yesterday just makes me more and more excited to see you progress as well as do the other workshops!Dang my head is SO big!!! lol