We’ve been on our feet running for the last 2 days straight…wanted to make this quick post. Its for all you Da Vinci Code Readers, you should recognize this. Not an easy task to photograph, it was constantly surrounded by tourists taking their pictures with it, I waited for about 25 minutes, for a single window of opportunity when no one was around it, and finally it came, lasted about 3 seconds. Paintballer Pro + Black Brush on the Shadows removed all the other tourists on the other side. Thought this would make a good 365er. 🙂Arches de Triumph! f11 @ 15s

Over the last couple days I have also filmed a few more lessons, with an additional one tomorrow…if I can get out to where I want to be. Any guesses? Ill be sad if I dont make it out there, and then in the evening, hoping to shoot Laurie and her family… its been a really incredible trip!