What an awesome and fun day today- wanted to post these 2 images from my one-on-one workshop today with Laurie R before I crashed.

I am so extremely thankful for Laurie and her husband Steve inviting me to come to London and put on a workshop, they have been the most perfect hosts and I had a great time! Because this was a private workshop, I had to assess the information Laurie needed most and be able to give it to her quick and efficient manner. I’m certain we both succeeded in our goals for the workshop and I am very satisfied with how everything went. I must say….she was extremely prepared, so it was easy for me to focus on the more advanced topics, which she absorbed like a sponge. She knew the Crash Course DVD inside and out and because she did, I knew which skills to focus on, instead of the more basic topics. She is going to be extremely successful in her new photography business.

Im super jet-lagged tired, body is still trying to catch up. Strangely I get super tired at 9pm and wake up at 5am totally ready to go.