I think I am a few days behind on the 365, Ill catch up here pretty soon. Ive decided though I would rather wait a day or two and catch up than post something that I wouldn’t be happy with.

In the past 3 days, Ive shot a half dozen more lessons, that weren’t originally expected, and Im looking to add another 20 or so. I know some of you may not like hearing this because it means it will take longer to finish, and it makes for a ton more work, but it also makes for a better product. The trouble is worth it to me.

Its interesting, despite the fact Ive been doing this for over a year now, I still have doubts when Im shooting and cant help to wonder if it will be good or not. I think that doubt forces me to be brutal with the lessons, simplify them more, be more clear, refine, redo, re-examine, re-edit, re-cut down, over and over. As long as its effective and goes down easy (as in learning the information) I am a happy camper. If I ever confuse someone I feel just awful.

There are several little lessons in this image below. Any ideas?