Spent the whole day reviewing and editing the 580 Speedlite Crash Course DVD. Added many more lessons, looking like it wont ship until the end of the month. Thats the thing with the DVDs, I absolutely will stress myself out on them, just want to make them the very best, most effective, easy to understand, etc etc. I watch the lessons and think…”Hmmm…well if it had a lesson or two on this…it would be better…Ok…Ill add it” and the thing starts to grow…just like the Photoshop DVD. This one will be about 3 hours long….PACKED with great info and tips on lighting with your Speedlite. I totally wish I would have had this when I was getting started.

I’m also for extremely thankful for the opportunity to make the video, so I definitely want to thank you guys for your support and encouragement. Ive been getting emails almost everyday now asking about the 580 and encouraging me. It really REALLY helps me out when you guys encourage me, because otherwise I would just stress myself out to no end over it.

I discovered a new little twist on the 365…Im in the image: Its a photograph of an audio track for the DVD, its a picture of my voice. 🙂