Had a really random and busy day. So sometimes I wake up and say to myself… “Im not going to eat until I get (fill in the blank here) finished.” I needed to go to the gym, so figured, “I wont eat anything until after I workout, but no”…I HAD to swing by the camera store on the way to the gym, and lo and behold…somehow…they had like 3 Canon Rebel T1is. Im like “Uh…how did you get those? Ill take one” (They aren’t supposed to be released until May 25th). They also had a Nikon D5000.

On the way to the gym, my check oil light goes off, time for an Oil Change. I swing into the dealership and they say it will take an hour, then they come back and say, we need to do some extra work, and Im figuring that I’m about to put like 20,000 miles on my Prius, so it might would could be a good idea to get it fixed. I used the time to read up on the T1i, and by the time I finished working out….it was 545pm!!

Where the heck did the day go? I cant stand it when this happens!

Had a great shoot tonight with Jen and worked on editing for the rest of the night (yes…I stay up late).

Many, many awesome things coming!

By the way…a great iPhone App: Self Portrait (its a simple timer for your iPhone Camera!)