Spent the whole day (and night) reviewing the Canon 580 EX II DVD. As per my usual nit picky self, its going to be delayed a few more weeks, right now the run time is 2 and a half hours, but it may be 3-3.5 when I add the extra bonus lessons (there are many, many extra lessons and exercises on this dvd). Im extremely confident it will be the best Canon Speedlite DVD money can buy.

We essentially have a working rough draft, now I see it all layed out, its very easy for me to identify how to improve it. This can be a pain because I might spend a day or two “perfecting” a lesson and then I watch it and think….”Wait a second…there may be a more effective way to teach this” and throw whole other lesson away. Im not sentimental when it comes to lessons, if its a poor teaching example and I know it, its gone, no matter how long Ive spent on it. As Ive mentioned in earlier posts, its the willingness to attempt that makes it happen, and only after failing a few times can I learn what I need to correct to make it right. If I didnt try and fail, I never would have understood it myself.

The videos have always been all about, getting to the point, being impossible to misunderstand, and enjoyable. If the lessons dont click and make you think I get it now!” I have failed. Ive noticed that when I am editing I get into these really weird moods, like all I think about is editing and re-editing and re-editing and re-editing, just making it better and better. My sleeping habits go out the window, its 6am…Ive been up all night editing. Ill crash now for about 5 hours and wake up in a hurry to start editing it. Im not even a huge fan of editing….I just feel an internal feeling, “compelled” to do it, so I do. Strange when there isnt a rush or deadline. I think this is my least favorite part of production, but its always worth it. 🙂 A few great things about the 365 is that you get soooooo familiar with your camera, especially if you are trying new things. In a way its like putting arrows in your quiver because I know for sure about half of these pictures I never would have even thought of trying if it wasnt for making myself do it. As far as a creativity exercise I feel it has been a phenomenal way to grow. Sure, some pictures are better than others, but its not about “better” its about pushing your comfort boundaries on so many different levels. If you want to get better at photography, absolutely try it!