The more I do the DVDs, the faster I get at them, but still, there is a tremendous amount of time, planning, and creative effort that goes into one production. If you have watched any of my DVDs, I LOVE to use SUPER MENUS, which means I love to have every single chapter linked, and maybe an extra menu or two to help find different parts easier if a student would like to reference it in a different way. I am planning the 580 DVD will have 2 extra menus, one “Exercise” menu, which will help students find all the exercises spread throughout the DVD, and the other an “Interface” Menu, which will allow students to click on the actual flash and be taken to the chapter that explains that button or process.

Ive hired an editor to help speed up the production process, which allows me to plan the next DVDs, while he edits. I typically dont map it out on paper like this, but he needs an idea of what I have in mind, so we can make a rough draft, then go through and make corrections (see the next post).

If you havent noticed on the workshop dates, we have firm dates set for all workshops with the exception of Seattle and London. My Uncle Jay decided to help out with the NC Workshop, it will be great to see him

I feel like I am rushing to do everything I need to, planning the registration forms, host information, 580 Speedlite DVD needs to get finished within the next few days, and trying to get the new 2009 Maui Screen Saver Pack finished over the weekend.

I need a clone of me!