Not sure if I will have enough time to post everything before we leave for Burma, but I wanted to post a few pictures of what I have been up to. Been using my iPhone 4 mostly as these are quick snaps, but I have busted out the Canons several times, I have a LOT of great pics coming. Some of these are bad pics because they were taken one handed while running, but at least its better than nothing. This is from our visa run my first day here. Im always amazed by how many people in Tokyo are so focused on hustling about. Its kinda crazy to watch. Everyone is just coming and going as fast as they can it seems. Tomio showed me how to buy tickets for the subway. I may not be able to read Japanese yet, but there is typically just enough english around that Im confident I can get from point A to point B on the subways without help. Barely. There are like hundreds of different stops….I have a weakness for these Japanese Ice Cream Waffle Cone Sandwiches. They are full of chocolate oreo cookie ice cream. Cant. Stop. Eating them. Tokyo seems to be really well lit up at night. Things are much different now then they were 6 months ago after the Tsunamis. Seems like life for the most part is back to normal. Some of the girls who helped us with Tsunami work (I called them the little elephants) made us a wonderful dinner.

Been meeting up with friends I met during disaster work. Ive heard some pretty incredible stories about things that have changed since I was here.

Looks like we might be headed