This may be common knowledge, so excuse me if you already know it. If you do not and are running a photography business, its something you may want to seriously check into setting up. It costs $50/year per account, but so far it has absolutely been worth it to me.

With the impending hire of my assistant, need for App Support Email, as well as using an business email account for myself that isn’t just the personal one I’ve had since the beginning of Gmail, I wanted to start using email accounts with my business name in them “…”, but I absolutely HATED the free email clients that comes with my hosting service. The are slow, unorganized and take forever to even access.

Google Apps let you set up customized business email accounts, with your Business Domain Name, and still use GMail. So far I have been absolutely loving it.

Set up is pretty straight forward, you essentially have to copy and paste some code into your site to identify yourself as the owner, and then change some of your email settings on your hosting account and you will be good to go. It took me about 20 minutes. There are a number of really nice business features on Google Apps you might want to check out if you havent already:

Google Apps