Whenever I get on a plane and travel, I have this ability to just read like crazy, probably because I am not doing much of it when I am on the ground. It isnt unusual for me to read an entire book during a single flight, and I read a few good ones last month.

If you are a business owner or any kind, no… if you are alive & breathing, you are going to want to read “Creating Competitive Advantage”. A competitive advantage is probably the most important and least understood strategies of new business owners, and for that very reason will lead to their demise. Competitive Advantage is pretty much the only thing that ensures a long lasting business, especially in light of others who will want to copy your successful ideas and mimic them. I go into great detail about Strategy and Competitive Advantage in my Photography Business Crash Course DVD , but I found this book by Jayne Smith to be very helpful in brain storming new ideas and ways to help my little business and I cannot recommend it higher.

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