Every year I try to attend at least 2 workshops from others photographers whose work I admire and I am so disappointed with myself that this year I didn’t attend any. I am not always able to attend in person, but there are many photographers out there who do online, as well as video tutorials (like myself). I try to find the very best when I can. Not everyone is open to teaching me, but I do not ever want to think I have learned it all, which has happened before and will always happen with any kind of success if it isn’t kept in check. I know my biggest improvements in my artist skills have ALWAYS come from attending a workshop or training.

The owner of Crave Photography, Andrea Tate is a actually a friend of mine. I met her at one of my workshops in 2009 and her business has since EXPLODED with success. She has successfully developed her own unique look and skill sets and offers online mentoring to non-Utah photographers.

For those of you who are interested, I will be attending her online class Feb 8 and Andrea has a coupon going on right now through Dec 28, which will save you $50 – the code is 50OFF. This would be an extremely wise investment to anyone who is looking to improve in portrait photography post processing. I can pretty much guarantee that if she entered this years contest (which she did not) she would have placed in the top 10 no problem. To learn her insights would be a tremendous investment to any photographer. A before and after shots of demonstrating her photoshop skillz which is taught:Here is where you can sign up for her class: Crave My Mentoring Online Class!

If you haven’t heard of Crave My Photography, be sure to Check it out her blog and Facebook Page:

Crave My Photography Blog

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