(You will have to go to the link at the bottom of this post to watch the video, I cannot embed it here). On our trip to Haiti, UPS flew in a camera guy to document some of the work Craig did on behalf of UPS with the Salvation Army. This is the final video. I think the most impressive thing to me is that there are many others just like Craig, who despite having full time jobs, families and other concerns, packed their bags and went to help out. I would say that there are several thousands all over the world that volunteered and this is a force that really should be organized somehow into a system. There will be more disasters coming, and the time to prepare is now.

This video is great because it shows many of the key people we worked with there, including Bob Poff, who originally invited Rick (and us) to stay at the camp. There are also a few really brief clips of Mathieu and I, and some from the distribution. You can get an idea of how many people were there and what a big deal it was.

Craig Arnold of UPS Working with the Salvation Army in Haiti