Rumors are swirling that Canon could possibly skip a 6D Mark II and go for a full frame mirrorless instead. It’s also speculated that it will have a EF Mount.

The reasons why Canon Watch thinks this rumor they received is possible?

– It wouldn’t make much sense to market an entry level full frame DSLR along side of a full frame mirrorless you could use all your lenses with.
– Various patents Canon has submitted would suggest they’re working on a full frame mirrorless
– The leaked specs of the 6D II could also apply to a mirrorless

There’s no doubt that both Fuji & Sony are cleaning house when it comes to mirrorless and it definitely seems logical that Canon would want to step up. So what do you think? Is it possible that Canon will skip a 6D II and go straight for the more ambitious full from mirrorless? You can read more about it here.