Steven Maier, a neuroscience professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder recently linked clutter anxiety to cortisol increase. What this means is, everytime you look around your living/work space and feel anxiety about clutter, your body will experience greater stress.

This is pretty wild because it is something we have always known, but werent really sure how it worked. I would imagine the same goes for bills, relationship problems, dieting/exercise etc. There is a physical manefestation to stress, and it can be triggered simply by looking at disorganization. Less than 10% of Americans said their lives were clutter free, which means, yep, over 90% of Americans struggle with clutter issues. Another poll indictaed we waste on average 1-2 hours a day, (holy moly!) looking for “lost” things or trying to remember things we have forgotten. Man this is scary stuff.

My clutter book will be available for download shortly. I hate to brag but its freaking awesome. I am excited to share it with everyone. The chapters have been written to be concise, so as much information as possible can be gleaned from 1-2 minutes of reading. The book is NOT about “cleaning up” it is mostly about managing your thoughts to eliminate the creation of clutter.

As I have said before, clutter is a manefestation of your thinking processes, it exists because of flaws in how we think. Fix the process, and clutter will no longer exist.