I ran into a need for this recently and was able to figure it out. Many of you probably have programing experience and will laugh at me for this, but if you ever sell anything on ebay, this can save you some money and also allow you to control how big the pictures are. It has numerous other applications as well.

This is an HTML code that will allow you to tell the browser to pull an image off another server. So, say for example you are selling something on ebay, and dont want to pay the $$$ for the extra pictures, but have the images stored somewhere else, maybe even flickr. The code is really < IMG SRC = followed by the address in quotation marks. >, which I am guessing means IMAGE SOURCE. If you know the location of the stored file and have a place you can enter HTML code, such as ebay listings, you can do this.

You click on the HTML tab in the listing section of ebay and paste in the following code (in this case, I would have my images stored at: “www.examplewebsite.com” in a folder called “images” and the image I want is “IMG001.jpg” )If you would like to hyperlink the picture to another website, (make it so they click it to bring them there) you would simply have the following code before it:I know this is really basic stuff, but dang it came in super handy for me. I hope this helps anyone out there.

I would say I am a above beginner level programmer, as I have made several websites, but used HTML generating programs such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. I love to learn cool codes like this. Does anyone else know any cool HTML codes you think I might like?