Contract Maker PRO went live earlier this afternoon. It’s been in the works now for 5 months and I am very happy to get this thing out there. This is a completely new and different App than PCM – Think of CMPro as the bigger, meaner brother of PCM, armed to the teeth and mad as you-know-what. This is how I respond when people decide to steal my ideas, I focus on what I can do, and get to work.

When we launched Photographers Contract Maker, there were a TON of inquiries about making a general version for everyone else, not just photographers, and this is what it is for, anyone and everyone who needs to make forms or contracts. There are many great updates in there that came about from users making suggestions. Here is a list of some of the best updated features:

Exclusive to Contract Maker Pro – NEW Features:
– NEW! – Choose to send your Contracts as Adobe PDFs, JPEGs, or Both?
– NEW! – Send to 2 Additional Email Addresses
– NEW! – Logo Header Feature – Use your own custom Logos. If less than 600 pixels wide, choose from Left, Center or Right alignment. Includes On/Off switch
?- NEW! – Custom Image Placeholder- Allows for a secondary logo, custom signatures, profile image or any other image you would like to include.?
– NEW! – Draft Image Placeholders! 3 Large and 3 Small Images to insert in your contracts. Great for property releases and contracts.
?- NEW! – Client and Witness Birthday Placeholders- great for model releases.
– NEW! – 10 Custom Text Placeholders – Determine your own custom data fields!
– NEW! – 5 Custom Rollers – Configure your own custom text rollers to embed data into your contracts.
– NEW! – 6 Custom Checkbox Placeholders- Configure your own checklists for easy selection of variable data. Choose from Bullet Points, Numbers or insert with commas into a sentence!
– NEW! – Counting Number Placeholder! – Allows you to add a counting number to your contracts. Great for invoice numbers.
?- NEW! “=” Feature allows you to use a finished contract as a new template starting point. Awesome!?
– NEW! – “Export JPEG” Feature allows you to make move contracts from your App to Photos on your Apple Device.
?- NEW! – Select 5 different contract fonts?
– NEW! – Change date format?
– NEW! – Space for Unlimited Custom Templates
– NEW! – Shake device to clear signature

Intro Video:

Want to see how the Custom Placeholders Work? Check it out:

Or Check out the New Logo Header Features!

Contract Maker PRO is available for purchase on iTunes: Contract Maker Pro on iTunes

There is a really good chance that there will be some glitches and bugs on it – and we really want to know what they are. If you have questions or suggestions, I would love to hear what they are.