The Canon RP Crash Course Training Tutorial Video is now available for purchase.
You can order it from the following link:
Canon RP Crash Course Training Video Lessons

I have already posted the Camera Operation of this course for FREE on youtube which you can find here: Canon RP Tutorial Overview Video Many have asked why I give away so much free information, and the main reason is I want to demonstrate I can help you learn your camera fairly quickly, and if you enjoy it, you would want to continue to invest in your Canon RP education. Thats all there is to it!

Here is the Cover, more details below! The Canon RP Crash Course is designed primarily for beginning and intermediate photographers who are just getting started with their new camera, and are struggling with the many & complex skill sets needed to really take advantage of the RP. One of the most common things I hear when I teach my students is “I had no idea I could do that!”.

I’ve already started working hard on this, and here is a still from just part of the Sunset Shooting lesson (I will show you exactly how I took this on my Canon RP):
Cameras are very, very complex, but on top of that all, you still need to know about many other things, the photography basics, lighting, composition, digital files, planning & troubleshooting, customizations, menu systems, and then the different philosophies for all the types of real world shooting. It took me about 2 years of trial and error (we didnt even have youtube when I started back in 2003!) and this course is designed to cut that learning curve into a few hours. I promise it will be the best educational investment you can make for your new Canon RP.

This Course comes with a 1-hr photography crash course that I normally charge $20 for. It will get you up to speed in no time on the photography basics, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Depth of Field (DOF) composition, digital files, lighting, compression, histograms and more!

The Canon RP Crash Course topics include:
– Landscape Shooting Techniques (Stills and Video) With the Canon RP
– The Canon RP’s HDR Still and Video Shooting Features, including:
– Interval Shooting
– Time Lapse Movie
– Using Filters
– Sports Shooting Techniques Settings & Techniques
– Basic Portrait Lighting
– Portait Techniques
– Which Flash System to Invest in to Save over $600
– Understanding Flash & Strobe with the Canon RP
– Multiple Exposure Mode techniques
– Bracketing Techniques
– Shooting for Interiors
– Focus Stepping for Macro
– Over 1 hour of Video Shooting Techniques and Strategies
– Narrative Video Shooting Settings & Techniques (Filmmaking) With the Canon RP
– Documentary Style Video Shooting Settings & Techniques With the Canon RP
– Vlogging Video Style Shooting Settings & Techniques with the Canon RP
– Audio Recommendations, Mics, Cleaning
– Video Shooting Tools and Must Haves
– Comprehensive Deep Menu System & Recommendations
– Canon RP Sensor Cleaning
…and Much Much More!

I also add lessons upon request, so these courses grow, and all additional updates come at no extra cost.

Keep in mind this all comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

Thank you for your support! ~ Michael

You can order it from the following link:
Michael’s Canon RP Tutorial Training Video