The Canon M50 Crash Course Tutorial Training Video is now available!

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Canon M 50 Training Video Lessons

As many of you know, we recently published a tutorial on the operation of the Canon M50, which can be found here: Canon M50 Tutorial Overview on YoutubeTopics Covered on Michaels Canon M50 Crash Course (About 5 hours of additional lessons)

1. Pre-visualization
2. Photography Core w Digital File Basics
3. Composition Core
4. Introduction to Lighting Basics
5. Macro Shooting With the Canon M50
6. Sports Shooting with the Canon M50
7. Portraits with the Canon M50
8. Landscape Shooting with the Canon M50
9. Using On Board Flash
10. Using an External Speedlight
11. Video Shooting
12. Recommended Video Settings and Accessories
13. HDR, Filters, Effects
14. Sound Recording and Design
15. Planning and Troubleshooting
16. Complete Menu Overview
17. Canon M50 Sensor Cleaning

And much more!