Competitive Inhibitor-

I do a lot of consulting for friends and associates. Its something that I enjoy and it comes naturally.

One problem I am seeing over and over and over, is the Competitive Inhibitor. Its really a Biology term for enzyme activity. Enzymes chew things up, but occasionally, a Competitive Inhibitor will bind into the activity site (the place where chewing occurs) and renders it useless. After the confidence and risk adverse, I would have to place this as the most common theme I see. I have altered the definition a little to make more sense.

“A similar but unimportant entity which binds to a power or force, rendering it useless to perform important activities.”

The most common form of a competitive inhibitor is an individual’s current 9-5 job. What happens is the person gets some bills and feels the pressure to pay them. (I know I have been there.) Because of the pressure, they feel they need a stable income, so they desire a job that provides predictable pay checks. Problem is, after working 8 hours a day, they are too tired to think or do anything else. So they unwind a little, crash and do the same thing the next day. Its a viscous cycle outlined in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I should also state, that not everything which takes up time is a Competitive Inhibitor in my book. It must take you away from something which is more important.

If you have dreams of doing some more than you are now…its probably one of the those three things that is stopping you:

1. A lack of Confidence
2. A Fear of taking Risks
3. A Competitive Inhibitor which takes up all your time.

What is stopping you from living your dreams?