An update from Michael:

“Been unloading an awful lot of trucks the last couple days. It is amazing to watch the Japanese volunteers from the community- I have never seen a group of people so anxious to serve one another. I spent most of the time at one of the very ends of the line, either unloading the truck and handing boxes or tarps to the volunteers, or stacking it into neat piles in the warehouse. There were teenagers, young girls, grandmas, grandpas, men and women of all ages, even foreigners who wanted to pitch in. They were almost like piranhas attacking a meal when we unloaded the crates, they we all very excited to get in on the action and do their part. The Japanese people have a deep sense of community pride and honor. It was a beautiful thing to see.

I have been fortunate enough to be chosen to deliver food to a coastal town tomorrow. I was told I would need rubber boots, and luckily I brought a pair. It really pays to be prepared.”
Michael and some teachers from the school.