michael andrew (08.07.09, 3:21 AM): interesting, looks almost the same! I didnt use any straps I just had it hanging over one shoulder and my neck and then added a speedlite- little different, but yes essentially the same.

Adrian (08.06.09, 3:28 PM): Nothing like chiming in a week late, but I think I figured out how you did this. http://www.diyphotography.net/give-em-a-spin-a-fun-family-project

Kyle (08.02.09, 7:29 PM): Love it. It looks like the kids arms are stretching 3 feet. Great colors too!

chaos2k (08.02.09, 6:42 PM): amazing shot

Rob (08.02.09, 11:45 AM): I absolutely love this shot!

Alex Rubio (08.02.09, 10:14 AM): How many rubber bands does it take to strap your camera to your waist, hehe. Fabulous shot Michael!

Deepak (08.02.09, 2:27 AM): Wow!! Beautiful shot Michael.