canon speedlite training dvd (08.01.09, 4:43 PM): So great to hear Derrick! Wow- that must have been frustrating to use your 580exii Speedlight like that. I bet you are loving that thing now. Once you know the basics of ettl, manual, then the basic settings such as exposure compensation, etc- it really does get much easier. :) - Michael

Alexandra (08.01.09, 11:08 AM): You are offering us college level classes in our own homes! THANK YOU!!!

Derrick (07.31.09, 11:40 PM): I learned from your DVD that I am using my 580 EXII at full power in manual mode and as a result I have been turning down (way down) the exposure compensation by making my aperture very small. I always knew this wasn't right but it yielded okay results. Now I know my flash better, thanks Michael!!!!