michael andrew (07.31.09, 1:40 PM): Wow, thanks so much Clarissa! Ill take you up on that the next time Im on Maui, hopefully later this year. :)

clarissa (07.30.09, 9:59 PM): aloha michael, i just got you sppedlite dvd and it is so awesome, after returning from a 'disastrous' sunset shot (with a friend) yesterday fumbling with my speedlite and wanting to give up photography for good : ) i am so glad the dvd was in the mail today! i have your canon 40d and the photoshop dvds and they are awesome too! thank you so much for putting all this hard work into making them available! if ever you come back to maui let me know ...the large pepperoni pizza will be on me! happy travels with aloha, clarissa

Brian (07.30.09, 9:37 PM): I love that in this situation you still manage to think of the photo op. Got to love it!

michael andrew (07.30.09, 1:49 PM): Lots of great stuff coming. Need to drive down to Salt Lake City today. It will take a good 8-9 hours. Im excited for everything I need to post!

Kim (07.30.09, 10:15 AM): FYI to all who read this-Most people don't know that you can still pump at a closed gas station as long as you do it by credit/debit card. A good indicator that the gas is on (may not always be the case) is if the lights on the pump itself are on but you are absolutely right to have tried it out regardless.

michael andrew (07.30.09, 5:27 AM): Hey Dean- Great question. As a teacher, I always try to teach according to the group. If I was teaching Grad Students it would be one way, if it was teenagers or children it would be 2 other ways. I have enough information to teach 3 full days, so at the beginning I make a quick assessment of the group and try to tailor it to them. I always try to hit all the most important topics, but we will spend more or less time on certain topics depending on their interests and needs.

Dean (07.30.09, 4:05 AM): Hi michael, I'm just curious, When you go from town to town teaching photography. Do you go in with a prepared lesson each time or teach what each class wants to be taught? Thanks michael. Have a safe trip and remember to re-fuel :)